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Windows on Europe has just been founded, and it’s already a great success. Today this holding company, chaired by Leonardo Ferragamo, with its revenue of 8 million Euros, is the landmark for manager and companies looking for the best housing solutions.

It all began more than 20 years ago, the brainchild of Leonardo Ferragamo, the Florentine manager who transformed the love and passion for his land into a business opportunity. It was 1986 when Windows on Tuscany, the company dedicated to the management and rental of private luxury residences for holiday stays in Tuscany, was founded. Since then, the original project has grown and has given life to a holding called Windows on Europe, which groups together several other companies and whose chairmen is Ferragamo, who owns 30% of the holding company shares. All these companies have a common goal: finding the best way to accommodate managers and companies, offering from city apartments to luxury lofts to villas for comfortable holidays. This is the philosophy of the holding set up in 2008, which now handles 700 apartments in Italy and abroad (Paris, Brussels and Frankfurt) and 70 luxury residences. A company destined to grow and to increase its revenue from 8 million Euros in 2007, to the expected 10 millions in 2008, and 15 millions in 2009. But Windows on Europe is not only a luxury real estate agency, it is also a service company able to provide a personal chef for a special dinner or a resident cook in a villa during an entire stay, a pick-up service or the research of fully equipped offices for short rentals.

by Marianna Corte

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