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Corriere della Sera



Chronicles of the City and Province

By Carlotta Jesi

Remember the Start-ups, those companies that sprouted like mushrooms on the Internet during the new economy boom? They're back. But this time to fulfil real, not virtual, needs.
THE EXTENDED HOTEL - It was the difficulty in finding accommodations in Milan for those who stay in town for only brief periods that inspired Pietro Martani, age 30, to create Rentxpress. "A network of 50 apartments which I manage and rent to companies with employees in transferral or to tourists looking for a homelike atmosphere." The selection of accommodation offered on the Website is called "extended hotel” and the idea behind it came to him while scanning a report from City Hall about the large number of vacant housing units in the city. "The Web wave is over with, we are once more in the real world."
"Our company rents accommodations for brief periods to those whose stay in town is for a short time. It is a project which responds to concrete needs, the Web wave is over with, we are once more in the real world." – PIETRO MARTANI

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